Bake off

You don’t have to be a master baker to enjoy baking. For a bit of extra fun, why not challenge each other to a bake-off? It doesn’t have to be complicated. How about some heart shaped biscuits to reflect the theme of the day? 

Valentine's Day Recipe

Stay-at-home picnic

Who says you need to leave your home to enjoy a picnic? Set up a picnic blanket in your garden or even your living room and pack a picnic basket full of your favourite picnic foods and treats. Put down the phone and enjoy each other’s company.

Make each other cards

Put your craft skills to the test and make each other a Valentine’s day card. You can do this together, just don’t let the other-half see it until your finished!

Valentine's Day Card

Cook a meal together

Restaurants maybe closed but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a delicious meal together. Spend some time looking up some recipes and cook a gourmet meal together. It’s a great way to work together as a team and you get the added bonus of eating it the yummy food you create.

Couples Cooking

Watch a romantic (or non-romantic!) film

Snuggle-up with your other-half and put on a romantic film to really get in the Valentine’s Day mood. It doesn’t just have to be a romantic film. Maybe there’s a film you’ve both been wanting to watch for a while but never had the time? Watch it and have a good discussion about it after. Or how about watching an old childhood film to reminisce about?

Game night

Playing games together can bring out your competitive side and be great fun. Why not put your intellectual skills to the test with a game of chess or trivia? Or test your dexterity with a multi-player video game?

Game Night

Project a film in the garden

Create your own cinema in your back-garden. Set up a white sheet, a projector, and a comfy seating area, with plenty of blankets and cushions, and enjoy watching your favourite film together.


Taking the time to gaze at the night sky in awe can be both relaxing and humbling. Cuddle up together on a blanket or lounger and stare up at the beauty above. You might even see a shooting star. Check out our comfy garden furniture sofa sets here;


Look at old photos

Take a trip down memory lane by looking through old photos. It could be photos of the both of you, family, friends, or pets. You can tell each other stories and reminisce.

Photo album

At home Spa Day

Enjoy a relaxing spa night together at home. Warm up some massage oil, light some candles, play some relaxing music, and apply a face mask.

Wine tasting

Buy a few bottles of wine and enjoy a wine tasting session at home. You’ll have a laugh together and maybe even learn a bit about wine.

Wine Tasting

Play with your pet together

You may not always get time to play with your pet together, so why not give him/her a bit of extra attention and find new ways to keep your pet entertained. They will love a new game and enjoy the added affection.

Make your own photo booth

Prop-up your camera or phone, set the timer and capture some new memories that you can look back and laugh at. You can add props or filters for some real silly fun.

Happy Valentine's Day



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