We have compiled a list of colour trends for the forthcoming year. From bold hues to pastel shades, these fashionable colour trends will delight and inspire.

Warm yellows

During these uncertain times, we are choosing to surround ourselves with cheerful, mood-boosting colours. Warm yellows create a sense of positivity and energy. Naturally derived colour schemes are increasingly popular as we reconnect with nature. Deep, rich yellow shades, such as Sundial, add subtle earthy tone to any interior space.

Warm yellow
Warm yellow hues
Yellow room
Sundial – Pantone Colour

Bold blush

Shades of red make a bold statement in any home. This vivid shade ignites passion and empowerment. A red tone tinged with coral, such as Raspberry Blush by Benjamin Moore, creates a charismatic and vibrant look. This joyful colour brings a sense of optimism. It can be used as an eye-catching accent colour for pieces of furniture, soft furnishings, or a statement wall. Perfect for adding an electrifying focal point in an otherwise neutral room. For a more adventurous look, use it to paint an entire room.

Coral Living Room
Image credit: el Mueble
Raspberry Blush by Benjamin Moore
Raspberry Blush by Benjamin Moore - Colour of the year 2023
Red Bedroom
Image credit: el Mueble

Subdued palettes

Graceful pastels create the perfect canvas for endless creativity and design. Warm white shades, such as Blank Canvas by Behr, create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It is a timeless colour that offers versatility and comfort. The neutral tone has a hint of warmth that maximises light and creates a light and airy feel. It can be paired with a variety of colours, patterns, and textures to create a calming, sophisticated space.

White Living Room
Blank Canvas by Behr
Blank Canvas by Behr
Pastel kitchen
Image credit: Mark McCammon

Brooding Blues

Blue has always been a popular choice for interior design. It works especially well in the bedroom to evoke calming feelings and promote a good nights sleep. Wine Dark by Farrow & Ball is a rich, dark blue that brings a sophisticated look to any room. Inspired by the night sky, this brooding blue looks exquisite in low-light.

Dark blue bedroom
Image credit: Farrow & Ball
Wine Dark Blue by Farrow & Ball
Wine Dark by Farrow & Ball
Navy blue
Image credit: Farrow & Ball

Lavender Hues

Purple will be a leading colour for 2023. Light shades create a sense of wellness and serenity. Research has suggested that colours with a short wavelength, such as Digital Lavender, have a calming effect. Last year’s Pantone colour of the year was Very Peri, a beautiful shade of periwinkle blue. Digital Lavender is a similar colour that evokes the same warmth and happiness. Also known as Coloro code 134-67-16, this subtle purple shade has been featured in digital media and will soon influence home furnishing. This contemporary shade is subtle enough to be used to paint an entire room without it looking garish.

Lilac room
Image credit: Mylands
Digital Lavender
Digital Lavender – Pantone Colour of the year 2023
Lavender Field

Teal Tones

A blend of jewel-toned greens and blues, teal is a striking hue that is symbolic of deep water. Vining Ivy is an exquisite example of this elegant shade. Both calming and uplifting, it gives a refreshing look to any home décor. It is muted enough to not feel too bright or overwhelming. This versatile shade beautifully combines contemporary and traditional design. Intertwining jewelled green and bold blue, this captivating colour invokes a feeling of serenity and balance. Pair with white trims and deep-toned woods for an elegant and sophisticated look.  

Teal bedroom
Image credit: Business Wire
Vining Ivy
Vining Ivy by PPG & Glidden Paint
Teal kitchen
Image credit: Business Wire



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