6 Tips to Get Your Garden Ready for Summer Entertaining

6 Tips to Get Your Garden Ready for Summer Entertaining

With the warm weather of summer fast approaching, it’s time to get your garden ready for outdoor entertaining. Whether you want to host dinner parties or simply relax with a few friends, these six tips are sure to help you make your garden an inviting and comfortable summer oasis.

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Clean Up the Garden

Before you can start to plan your outdoor décor, it’s essential to give your garden a good clean up first. Cut back overgrown shrubs and bushes, trim away dead branches, and rake up any leaves or build-up of dirt that may have accumulated over the winter months. Doing this will help keep your garden looking neat and tidy so you can enjoy the space as soon as possible.

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Refresh Your Pots and Containers

Don’t forget to update your pots and containers too! You can do this by giving them a bit of an overhaul with a pressure washer. This will help get rid of any dirt, moss or algae, as well as freshen up the colour of the pots and make them look like new again. Alternatively, you can add some seasonal plants – think bright and colourful annuals for a fun and vibrant outdoor space.

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Update Your Lawn Care Routine

Give your lawn some extra TLC before summer entertaining season kicks off. Make sure you regularly mow and edge your lawn to give it a neat, manicured look. Consider aerating your grass during the warmer months too – this will help reduce compaction and introduce oxygen and nutrients into the soil, resulting in a healthier-looking lawn overall. And don’t forget about watering as well – if weather permits, try to water by hand rather than using an automated sprinkler system. Doing this yourself guarantees no water is wasted!

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Install Low-Maintenance Garden Features

If you don’t have the energy or time to maintain a lush lawn, consider installing some low-maintenance garden features instead – such as a patio or decking area. These are great spaces for entertaining, with minimal upkeep required. Decking will require only regular jet washing while patios need sweeping, weeding and maybe the occasional coat of sealer. Other great options include raised beds, which can be filled with colourful perennials that look great all year round.

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Create Additional Seating Areas for Guests

If you’re planning on entertaining outside throughout the summer, it is important to consider your seating options. You should try to create as many comfortable areas as possible for guests to sit and move around in. You could add a few benches amongst some foliage or opt for an enclosed area such as a gazebo that has seating built into it. Alternatively, if space allows, adding a patio area with chairs and tables will offer plenty of room for people to relax and converse in comfort!

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