For some, Christmas is about traditional looks that include sentimental decorations that evoke heaps of nostalgia. In more recent times, many have opted for stylish and coordinated decorations that are worthy of Instagram. These stylish Christmas decorating ideas will help you create an amazing seasonal look.

Unique colours

Rather than following the traditional red, green and gold colour schemes, why not mix it up with some unexpected and unique colours? Inspired by our need for optimistic and mood-boosting surroundings, this trend mixes bright neons, rainbow tints and candy colours for a truly magical feel. Although this look may not be for everyone, it will make a big impression for those who are brave enough to embrace this style.

Photo by Becerra Govea
Image courtesy: Becerra Govea

Back to nature

In recent times, we have expressed a desire to reconnect with nature. This has also transitioned into Christmas decorations. This trend takes on a more sustainable approach and embraces woodland themes. Natural textures, fibres and colours will influence this style. Natural materials such as jute, hessian and cork add a rustic charm. Include colours inspired by nature, such as ochres, greens and berry reds, for a harmonious colour scheme. Decorations made from dried fruits, wood, paper or ceramic are a great way to incorporate the woodland theme. This look is also cost effective with materials easily sourced by foraging in local woodlands.

Christmas Table
Image courtesy: Spacejoy on Unsplash

Rose gold tinted décor

Pink hues are a fantastic way to freshen up your usual Christmas colour palette. Rose gold adds warmth to a room as well as creating a fun and unique look.

Colour coordination

Transform your home into an elegant winter wonderland by opting for a curated colour palette. Coordinating your colours is a sure way to create a sophisticated, streamlined look. Choose a colour scheme so you have a clear direction when purchasing new decorations.

Monochrome Christmas Decorations
Image courtesy: Annie Spratt


Just because it’s Christmas, it doesn’t mean you need to fill every shelf, mantel and table top with decorations. There is beauty in simplicity. If minimalism is more your thing, use neutral colours for a simple yet stylish look. White decorations and furnishings are a great way to create a winter wonderland. Rather than using colours, use different textures and natural materials to create interest. Natural foliage draped over surfaces incorporates the festive look without being too overpowering.

Simple Christmas Decorations
Image courtesy: Genevieve Rusnac

Floral delight

For an alternative to baubles and ornaments, why not decorate your tree with flowers? Poinsettia is often associated with the festive season and looks beautiful intertwined with tree decorations. White flowers create a crisp, wintery look. Whether you use fresh or artificial flowers, this trend is a wonderful way to give your Christmas décor a refresh. 

Image courtesy: Ksenia Chernaya

Extravagant entrances

The entrance to your home is the first thing family and friends see when visiting. Create a festive feel before guests enter your home by hanging a wreath on your front door. Choose one that ties in with your interior decorations, so your guests know what to expect when entering. For an extra wow-factor you can decorate the frame around your front door with garlands, baubles and flowers.

Christmas Entrance
Image courtesy: Sarah on Unsplash



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