Garden furniture is a long-term investment, so you want to make sure you purchase furniture that is the right style, colour, size, and shape for you. Below is a guide to help you make the right choice when making a purchase.

What to consider before you make a purchase

What is the furniture’s intended purpose?

The right piece of furniture for you depends on what you intend to use it for:

Dining – If you enjoy al fresco dining and entertaining family and friends, a dining set is a great option. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and seating options, you can choose the ideal one for you and your family. This style of dining set usually includes a parasol for extra comfort and protection from the sun.

Relaxing – If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy a good book, a sofa set maybe the right choice. Again, these sets are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. From corner sofas to recliners, a sofa set provides optimum outdoor comfort. Many also include a coffee table.

Combination – You may want the best of both dining and relaxing. In this case, there are many options that combine both, so you can enjoy relaxing during the day and dining with company in the evenings. Many of these sets also include a height adjustable table, so you can have both a dining table and coffee table.

Measuring your garden and furniture

Before purchasing a garden furniture set, it is important to obtain the measurements of the set and measure the outdoor space it is intended to be placed in. It is a good idea to have the footprint/overall measurement of the set as well as the measurements of each individual piece of furniture. This should give you an accurate idea of the size of the set and how much space is needed for pulling out chairs and manoeuvring around the set.

Styles of Poly rattan furniture

Weave types

Poly rattan is available in flat, half round, full round, or a combination weave. There is not usually a difference in quality between these types of weave, however, the chunkier the weave, the more durable it tends to be.

What colours are available

Poly rattan garden furniture can be found in a wide selection of colours. From modern grey to natural looking beige, you can choose the perfect colour for your garden and personal style.

Picking furniture to suit the space

Small gardens

There are plenty of space saving options for smaller gardens that do not compromise on comfort. Bistro Sets are a great choice for limited space and still allow you to enjoy dining with a companion. A Companion Bench provides a place to relax without taking up a huge amount of space. Larger sets may be an option if they can be easily stored away. Cube Sets are a clever space saving solution that still allows multiple people to dine together.


Depending on the size, a patio is perfect for placing a variety of Sets. It provides flat base for the furniture to sit on, keeping it sturdy and level. If your patio is large enough, why not add multiple Sets to cater for a range of requirements.

Summer Houses

When choosing furniture for your summer house, you want something that is comfortable and utilises the space well. A Corner Sofa neatly fits into the corner and allows enough space to move around. Alternatively, a Reclining Armchair Set will fit into the space well and is usually light enough to move around to create more space when needed.

Materials and durability

The benefits of Poly rattan furniture

Poly rattan weave is manufactured from polyethylene plastic. It is extremely durable and virtually maintenance free. The weave is UV resistant to prevent fading in sunlight. It is also weather resistant and can be left out all year round, however, it is best to cover the furniture in the winter months.

How to maintain Poly rattan furniture

Unlike wooden furniture, poly rattan does not require oils, preservatives, paints, or other treatments to protect it against the elements, making it very easy to maintain. Cleaning the furniture is simple. Just use dish detergent in warm water, a soft cloth, and an old toothbrush to clean away dirt from the cracks and crevasses of the weave.

How to choose the best quality Poly rattan furniture

To ensure you receive the best quality furniture, check for the following specification:

  • The weave is UV protected to prevent fading in sunlight.
  • The seat and back cushions are made from an all-seasons fabric that reduce the chances of fading and damage from the elements.
  • The frames are manufactured from aluminium to prevent rust. 
  • Any glass is made with tempered safety glass and will not deteriorate, corrode, or stain.
  • It includes a guarantee.

Choosing the right accessories

There are a wide range of accessories to help make the most of your garden furniture:

  • Winter Covers – protect your garden furniture from the elements and help keep it clean with a durable cover.
  • Cushions – most poly rattan garden furniture sets include seat and back cushions for optimum comfort, but you may want to add a pop of colour with the use of scatter cushions.
  • Lazy Susans – these are often included with dining sets and make reaching for condiments much easier.
  • Outdoor heaters – from table top fire pits to freestanding patio heaters, outdoor heaters allow you to make the most of your furniture all year round.
  • Lighting – adding fairy light to the spokes of a parasol or placing an outdoor lantern on a table top adds additional light in the evenings and creates a magical look.
  • Cushion Boxes – if you are struggling with finding space to store your cushions, a cushion box is a great solution and are often available in the same weave as the garden furniture, so it will not look out of place.
  • Plants & foliage– add colour and life to your garden furniture by placing a variety of plants and flowers in complimenting colours around the set.



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