With the festive season just around the corner, now the time to start thinking about how you would like to decorate your home. While a classic fir tree, wreaths and stockings are the staple decoration brought out year after year, your decorations could always use a refresh. Why not branch out from the traditional colours, ornaments and décor of the holiday and try something a bit different this year?

Pretty Pinks

Red & Green are the traditional Christmas colours, but why not mix it up with colours that aren’t usually associated with the festive season? Hues of pink create a unique and fun look. Shades of rose gold add warmth to a room and bring a refreshing take on the classic palette.  

One with Nature

Be inspired by nature for your Christmas decorations this year. Use fresh garlands and wreaths combined with citrus fruits, such as oranges, tangerines, and lemons. It will give your home a wonderful aroma. Our Traditional Citrus Real Christmas Wreath is a great choice!

Bring the great outdoors to your home with branches and wooden accents. Place pinecones and chestnuts on mantels for rustic woodland charm.

Coordinated colours

Transform your home into an elegant winter wonderland by opting for a curated colour palette. Coordinating your colours is a sure way to create a sophisticated, streamlined look.

Elegant wrapping

You spend all that time neatly wrapping presents to perfection, so why not use them as a decoration. Simple wrapping in neutral colours adds an elegant look. Or you can opt for bold colours to really make a statement. Place under your Christmas tree or on each of your stairs for a festive, photogenic look.

Stylish Simplicity

Sometimes less is more. Choosing one statement piece can add impact and plenty of visual appeal to your decorations.

Artificial Trees

Don’t be afraid to use an artificial tree. There are many styles and sizes to choose from that will suit any décor. Artificial trees are less messy than real trees and can be brought out year after year. The branches usually have wires that are easy to bend into shape to add volume and a secure hanging point for ornaments. To create that real Christmas tree smell, simply add a pine scented candle to the room. You won’t even notice the difference!

Take a look at our fantastic range of Artificial Trees!

Glittering Golds

Adorning your home in gilded golds is sure to add a magical and cheerful feel. Lights will beautifully reflect off baubles and ornament creating a warm, golden glow that will illuminate any room. Gold is also a great accent against a more neutral colour scheme.

Icy Blue Hues

Shades of icy blues and snowy whites create the perfect winter pairing. These cool tones add a refined feel and are a nice change to the warm gold and red tones most associated with Christmas decorations.

Go Vintage

Vintage ornaments and baubles add a touch of nostalgia to your decorations. Make use of antiques by incorporating them into your seasonal décor.

Enchanting Table Settings

If you’re unsure about a dramatic change to your decorations throughout your home, start with your dining table. It is the easiest way to test out something new and daring. Dress up your table with luscious garlands, silver candleholders and wooden place settings for an elegant look.

Whatever style you choose this festive season, just remember to be creative and have fun!



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