A container in gardening “is the practice of growing plants, including edible plants exclusively in containers instead of planting them in the ground” (citation Mills, Linn from Wiklepedia). There are several forms of containers which are available in different materials such as plastic, terracotta, stone and wood. These will also be available in different shapes and colours. Containers can be used for long term plantings in permanent positions, or moved around depending on the season.

Colourful Flower Pots
Colourful Flower Pots

Plants and flowers in containers are especially useful in small gardens with limited space, as they bring life and colour to areas that may otherwise remain sparse and dreary. Even a single container can be displayed to great effect. However, even in a larger garden, container gardening is an easy way to create instant displays in and around your available space. Container pots can be used to brighten up almost any corner of your garden, from sunny spots to shady areas.

Container gardening provides the opportunity for you to be inventive, and create a garden to your own specification. Almost any vegetable, flower, herb, small tree and bush can grow successfully in a container.

Plant Pot
Terracotta Plant Pot

Plastic Containers

Plastic pots and containers are lightweight and resilient, suitable for both inside and outside in the garden. They are relatively inexpensive and very easy to maintain. Plastic containers are available in a range of colours that can be coordinated with buildings, garden furniture and plants.

 Our colourful range of flowerpots are manufactured from expanded polypropylene (EPP). These are frost resistant, shock resistant and UV protected ensuring its longevity.

Plastic Planter
Plastic Flower Pot

Wooden Planters

Wood is natural looking, providing good insulation for plants in cold weather. Wooden planters are a fantastic way to add a feature to an outdoor space, garden decking or patio. Available is a variety of woods and colours, one of the advantages of wooden planters is their insulating properties. They insulate plant roots from the heat of the summer sun as well as to protect them from winter frost. Plastic liners can extend the life of your planters.

There is such a variety of shapes and sizes of wooden planters that you will always find one that suits your garden space and décor. Raised wooden planters are raised above the ground, which makes planting, weeding and maintenance easier without having to bend down continuously. Kitchen garden trough planters would give an attractive and traditional look to your garden. Trellis planters are perfect for growing climbing plants. With the planter section, it can also accommodate various plants, flowers or some vegetables.

Wooden Planter
Kitchen Garden Trough

Stone and Terracotta Pots

The warm orange-brown of terracotta will suit most situations in your garden. With their traditional yet attractive Mediterranean colour, they are hard wearing and provide a safe home for your plants in all weathers. Terracotta pots and planters usually come with a central drainage hole and so it’s advisable to cover the hole with gravels or broken pieces of pottery.

Stone pots are usually heavier and more expensive than other containers. Many classic stone garden planters are known for their intricate designs. If you are looking for a high quality planter to add style and elegance to your garden, the classic stone urn planters will be the choice for you. Stone planters are sturdy and durable and can be filled with a wide range of flowers and pants.

Terracotta Plant Pot
Terracotta Plant Pots

DIY Garden Planters

Before you throw away any household items that you know longer need or may need fixing, sometimes just a little change to an item can bring a surprising and unique addition to your garden.

Old boots or shoes, wheelbarrows, bottles, teapots, tyres, old cabinets are just some of the items with just a little tweak can be used as garden planters. These container garden ideas will revolutionise the way you think about growing plants.

DIY Garden Planters
Teapot Flower Pot

Whatever type of container you choose to use such as, plastic, wood or stone, you can make the difference to your garden or balcony with your planting ideas.



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