Colder evenings should not mean that you can no longer enjoy the use of your garden or patio. A fire pit, chimenea or patio heater is a great way to create a warm and inviting outdoor space all year round. Light up the night and extend your home to provide a fantastic al fresco lounge or dining area.

Here at The Home Furniture Store, we have many outdoor heating options available to suit a variety of styles and requirements.


Chimeneas provide ample warmth and ambience. Originating in Mexico, Chimeneas are free standing open fireplaces that are a wonderful addition to any outdoor area. Perfect for get-togethers with family and friends, Chimeneas can also be used for cooking.

Available in a wide range of materials and designs, there are many options to suit a variety of styles. Cast iron and steel Chimeneas are extremely durable and often feature intricate designs within the metal. 

Our Large Conical Chimenea is a modern take on the more traditional style, creating a unique and contemporary look in your garden.

Large Conical Chimenea

Fire Pits, Bowls & Baskets

If you have a smaller garden or outdoor space, a Fire Pit maybe the perfect choice. A Fire Pit is a fire contained in a free-standing, decorative basket or bowl on legs. Its smaller size still provides plenty of heat and will also create a stunning outdoor feature. Available in a wide range of styles and finishes, many Fire Pits also include safety features which are ideal if you are concerned about an open fire around small children and pets. Our Cubo Square MGO Firepit has a contemporary stone effect finish and is a great choice for its safety features.

Cubo Square MGO Firepit

Fire Bowls suit any garden or patio. Usually an open bowl on legs, this a simple yet effective way to add heat to an outdoor space. Made from steel or cast iron, a Fire Bowl has the ability to burn all types of fuel, from wood to charcoal and coal, making it a versatile heater. Our Cast Iron Fire Bowl also features a convenient log store underneath of the Fire Bowl. Perfect for sitting around an open fire in the evenings and roasting a few marshmallows.

Cast Iron Fire Bowl with Log Store

The most basic version of this type of fire pit is the Fire Basket. These are usually manufactured from steel or cast iron and burn wood or coal. Most also include a grill, so you can cook up a rustic BBQ for family and friends. Take a look at our Aragon Cast Iron Fire Basket.

Aragon Cast Iron Fire Basket

Electric Heaters

Easy to use and extremely effective at providing heat, Electric Heaters are the most popular choice of outdoor heaters. All you really need to get up and running is a nearby electrical output. Available in table-top or freestanding options, Electric Heaters come in several sizes to suit most garden spaces. One advantage, contrary to popular belief, Electric Heaters are actually quite eco-friendly. They do not consume too much energy or release soot & smoke into the air. Another advantage is they heat up almost immediately ready for when you need it. Although they only heat a limited area, an Electric Heater has many advantages that make it a great outdoor heating choice. Our Tahiti 13kw LED Patio Heater is available in black or silver and also features LED colour changing lights.

Tahiti 13kw LED Patio Heater

Make the days last longer and enjoy spending time in your garden during the colder months with the use of an outdoor heater or fire pit.


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