Pink is a trend that has continued from 2019 into 2020 adding refined glamour and delicate femininity to any room in the home. This soft, light colour can bring so much to a room but we can understand why some would be hesitant to decorate with it.

Pink blush is the colour of the season

If you’ve always shied away from pretty pinks and effeminate décor, we want to win you over because pink blush isn’t your usual ‘sickly sweet’ hue. Oh no, blush is a grown-up shade which doesn’t impose on a room but accentuates and highlights elegant design.

Relax and unwind

Decorating with blush is all about creating a calming and soothing space. It isn’t a colour you’d want to choose for a busy environment with lots going on. Kitchens, hallways and other areas where there’s a lot of activity and the possibility of mess aren’t ideal for the gentle tones of this shade. Bedrooms, living rooms and other areas of the home, used for unwinding in, would best suit this easy-going colour.

To avoid the room looking too ‘girly’, which some members of the household may not appreciate, you could use blush as an accent or in wallpaper featured on a focal wall. The colour tone is so gentle that it’s almost a pastel shade, but when used on every wall within a room it could potentially appear a little overpowering, depending on individual tastes.

Soothing style

Blush is not only for rooms decorated in a classical style, it works well in modern homes with minimalist design. Mixed with whites, greys or even creams, it can add a lift and bring extra warmth to an interior.

The colour also works well with vintage design. For example, decorating a focal wall in your living room with blush and using beautiful light furniture, perhaps with a French style finish, such as our Casamoré Devon 2 Drawer Console Table that will create a gorgeous vintage theme. Add some florals and some further accents, such as drapes or pink blush cushions and you’ll manage to inject colour without losing the fresh feel of a plain room.

Bedroom vintage design

Using blush with grey will bring a masculine feel to the room, whereas blush and gold will create a rich, opulent interior for those wanting a more glamorous look. Mixing different pastel shades together can also work; however, be sure to ground the theme by adding a neutral tone which runs through the room and furnishings.

If you want an elegant shade which won’t overpower a room, pink blush is the colour for you – trust us!


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