With spring just around the corner and the evenings getting lighter, it won’t be long until the days are filled with clear blue skies, bright sunshine and the fresh scent of blooming flowers in the air.  

This got us thinking; how can we bring the freshness of spring into our homes?

Here are a few ideas:

Add Flowers

A bouquet of beautiful flowers is sure to brighten up any home. Try using flowers as a centre piece for your dining table – it’s an inexpensive way to bring a fresh new look to the room. If you’re feeling extra co-ordinated you could choose a flower coloured to match your décor.

Bouquet Flower Vase – £135.00

Scented Candles

Treat yourself to a scented candle with an invigorating yet light scent which captures the essence of spring. The aroma drifting across your living room or bedroom will create a refreshing atmosphere and lift the room. You could take this further and switch to a detergent that will infuse freshly-washed bed linen with a floral scent.

Pink Candle Holder Glass Lantern – £54.00

Inject Some Colour

If your home needs rejuvenating, consider bringing some bright and bold colour into your rooms. This could be anything from a vividly coloured ornament or artwork, to a daringly vibrant piece of furniture. It can be as small or as large a splash of colour as you wish. You could even paint one wall of a room in a contrasting shade to create an accent wall and give a room a new lease of life without breaking the bank.

Velvet Upholstered Hallway Bench – £192.00


The age old ‘spring clean’ idea may seem like a cliché but it can work wonders. Disposing of items which no longer serve you will make you feel refreshed and ready to say hello to a bright new season.

Chedworth 12 Shoe Locker Storage Unit – £229.00

Get Organised

When you’ve completed your purge of unwanted items, you’ll then need to re-organise what remains. Good storage is essential for all homes and investing in a drawer unit is wise. We offer a wide range of storage units in a variety of styles. Take a look.

Casamoré Gloucester Petite 9 Drawer Storage Unit – £121.00

Whether big or small, making a change to suit the seasons is always rewarding. You may not even need to bring anything new into the house. A simple furniture reshuffle may be enough to leave you with a spring in your step long before the season officially begins



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