Garden Furniture is a long-term investment, so it is important to provide adequate protection from the elements with the use of a Cover.

Our outdoor Covers are custom made for our Casamoré garden furniture to provide the perfect fit for each Set. However, the Covers can be used universally for other furniture Sets. Just ensure the measurements are correct before purchasing.

About our Casamoré Cover

The Casamoré Covers are expertly designed to provide the best protection for your garden furniture throughout the year. Manufactured from high quality Oxford polyester, the Covers are highly durable and are waterproof to keep your furniture dry. The air-flow ventilation pockets on either side of the Cover help circulate air, reducing the risk of mould and mildew. They also feature ties at the bottom to keep it secure and in place. 

The benefits of using a Cover

You may think that a Cover is only necessary during the winter months, however, the key to the longevity of your furniture and to gain optimum use is to provide protection all year round. During the warmer months, you may want to spend more time in your garden reading, relaxing and al fresco dining. To ensure you can do this ease, use a Cover whenever the furniture is not in use.  This will help keep your garden furniture clear from dust, dirt, leaves or other debris, keeping it ready for use.

UV light can cause premature fading of the weave and cushions as well as creating a hot surface that is unpleasant to sit on. Using a Cover will prevent this.

During the winter months, we recommend storing your cushion in a dry space, such as a shed, garage or in the house, rather than leaving them under the Cover.

Parasol Covers ensure your Cantilever Parasol is protected from dirt and grime as well as UV light. It also keeps your Parasol in place during strong winds to avoid any breakages.


Choosing the right size for your Set

The Casamoré Covers are designed to fit over the entirety of a Casamoré Set, so it is ready to use without too much rearranging of the furniture. The Covers are named for each Set, making it easy to choose the correct one.

If you are purchasing a Cover for garden furniture that is not the Casamoré brand, it is important to measure the footprint of your Set to ensure it will fit properly.

Invest in a high quality, durable Cover to ensure the longevity and low maintenance of your garden furniture.



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