Live, Dine, Recline – The All-In-One Living Space

While décor magazines often show us pictures of large rooms with carefully positioned and well-spaced furniture, the reality for many of us is that we just don’t have the same sort of spatial dimension in our homes.

If you’re using a single room to multifariously relax, entertain and dine, you’ll need to be smart when it comes to filling the space. Here are a few tips for making the most out of a multi-purpose space.

Deceptive dining

If your home features one large room intended for use as both a living and dining area, one fool proof way to maximise your options is to invest in an expandable dining table. When it’s not being used, an expandable dining table can be reduced in size, leaving you with more free space; however, you know you’ll have enough seating available to accommodate guests should you wish to hold a dinner party of have the children’s friends round for tea.

Versatile seating

You would be amazed at what can be used for seating if you think outside the box. A foot rest can become an extra seat when needs must, even a small side table could become an extra sitting place if sturdy enough. Bean bags and fold-up futons are also versatile, easily moveable and inexpensive options for maximising living room furniture possibilities.

Coffee table hideaway

A coffee table is a centralised feature and essential item for many living rooms; it is also a fantastic opportunity to maximise your use of space. Select a coffee table which will also offer storage options. Large coffee tables with slide out drawers, such as the Casamoré Somerset 2 Drawer Coffee Table allow you to conceal the library of magazines you’ve been collecting, so you can clear up clutter at a moment’s notice should visitors call.

A place to rest your head

If you don’t have a guest room but like to have guests stay on occasion, a sofa-bed could be the answer to all your troubles. Many people think of sofa-beds as uncomfortable, second fiddle forms of seating, but this doesn’t have to be the case. If you take the time to shop around, and are prepared to invest in a quality build, you’ll find plenty of sofa-bed designs offering plush, comfortable seating, while also doubling up as a cosy extra bed for guests as well.

Divide and conquer

Some multi-purpose rooms can feel a little scattered and disordered. Conquer this design challenge by clearly defining separate smaller spaces within the larger room. Don’t be afraid to try out different themes within one corner of the room, buy yourself some stylish dividers or help separate a kitchenette and living-room by investing in a large dining table which will clearly mark a divide between food preparation areas and your space to unwind and relax. Also, have your sofa face away from the kitchen area so you can switch off and relax without staring at the pile of dirty plates in need of your attention.

Open-plan and multi-purpose living doesn’t have to be higgledy-piggledy – good design can create the different spaces you need and buying the right pieces of furniture will give you all the versatility you require.



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