Taking inspiration from western agriculture and country living trends, Cottagecore encapsulates the concept of simple-living and a self-sufficient lifestyle. The term has been around for at least three years but has only just recently started to gain popularity. It is a style that encouraging people to revaluate their fast-paced lifestyle and take on a more easy-going, sustainable way of life. It taps into a desire to be at one with nature. This translates to all aspects of life, including home design. Incorporating ditsy flower prints, checked fabrics and rustic wooden furniture, it is a style that gives a comforting, homey feel and ignites feeling of nostalgia. It brings natural elements into the home, such as dried flowers and houseplants, along with a natural colour palette and warm tones. Cottagecore is a great way to bring hand-made and upcycled items into your home. Knitted blankets add a cosy look while hand-crafted items add a unique touch. The ethos of this style is whimsical and wholesome, with quirky and eco-friendly elements. 

Arts and Crafts

The Arts and Crafts movement was developed during the mid-19th century in response to the growing industrialisation of society. The movement aimed to reform how things were made and reverse the damaging effects of machine-dominated production, increasing the value of hand-made, decorative pieces. The Arts and Crafts revival has gained popularity with people showing a renewed appreciation for hand-made, decorative pieces. With many people stuck at home during 2020, it is no wonder that the Arts and Craft movement has made a resurgence. With more time to learn handicrafts, personal pieces for the home can be created through ceramics, tie-dye, quilting, knitting and macramé.

Natural Textures

With a new appreciation for all things hand-made, there has been an increase in layering textures to create an interesting space, rather than using colour. Natural textures such as wool, linen, jute and timber can be used to bring natural elements into the home and add depth to a room.

Tropical Getaway

The events of this last year have probably left many yearning for a sunny, tropical getaway. Since we are currently unable to travel, why not bring the tropics to your home instead? This fun style incorporates bold tropical prints that will immediately transport you to the distant shores of a tropical paradise in the sun. Leaves and florals can be used to bring the outdoors indoors and are designed to suit most colour palettes. It is a great way to create a tranquil and relaxing retreat in your home.

Blue Hues

A blue colour palette is another great way to capture the essence of a beach or poolside getaway. Ocean blues ranging from aqua to inky tones create a calm, contemporary look. Classic blue creates an elegant and timeless look.

Shabby Chic

The shabby chic style is all about creating an aged, country cottage feel in the home. It is a style that has been around for a few years. This year the shabby chic looks focuses less on floral designs and distress paint finishes. Think more chic than shabby. Try mixing new buys with vintage finds for an up-to-date take on the style. Add decorative accessories, such as antique mirrors and light fixtures, that have not been perfectly restored, but have aged to create character and uniqueness.


Brings the outdoors indoors with the use of houseplants. From easy-to-care for succulents to beautiful orchids, there are a wide variety of houseplants to choose from to bring life and character to your home. Not only are plants visually beautiful, they also provide health benefits by freshen the air, filtering out pollutants and releasing oxygen.


Mixing the simplicity of Japanese décor with the natural elements of Scandinavian, this style epitomises minimalist elegance. This aesthetically pleasing style is also very functional. It perfectly blends natural materials, muted colours and clean lines in a sparse fashion. It focuses on high quality craftsmanship and hand-made pieces rather than cheap, throw-away products. Neutral palettes that are calming and peaceful dominate the Japandi style with the occasionally bright colour subtly added for a meaningful purpose. The minimalist look of this trend can easily be replicated with the use of  natural containers, such as boxes and baskets, as well as folding screens to keep clutter hidden. The cosiness of the Scanidnavian style uses warm textures and soft pieces while the Japanese design maintains elegance and a zen-like calm. The Japandi trend emphasises sustainability, so look for pieces that will stand the test of time and last for many years to come.

Earthy Tones

Create a welcoming space with earthy shades. Colours such as rusts, warm greens, deep reds and browns are comforting and create a natural look.

Sustainable Designs

With the emphasises on a more eco-friendly, sustainable way of living, reclaimed wood, and upcycled furniture is starting to gain more popularity. By focusing on sustainability and repurposing, consumption and waste can be reduced. Visit charity shops for piece of furniture that can be upcycled to give it a new lease of life or check out an antique shop for a truly unique piece that will add character and a vintage charm.   

Inside Outside

With spending more time at home and not being able to socialise indoors, now is the perfect time to bring the indoors outdoors to create a welcoming space to enjoy all year round. Adding an outdoor sofa with plenty of cushions and throws creates a comfortable place to sit and enjoy sunny summer days. Bring light and warmth to the evenings by adding fairy lights, lanterns, and a fire pit for those particularly chilly nights. How about turning the shed into an outdoor bar that can be enjoyed any time of the year? With all these comforts, there is no reason to want to leave!

Graceful Greys

A cool neutral colour, grey adds a modern elegance to any room. From pastels shades to dark slate, this colour palette is surprisingly versatile. This highly fashionable colour has a timeless appeal that works well as an accent colour or as a monotone look for a room.

Dried Flowers

Bring natural, delicate textures to your home by adding dried flowers. This trend is all over social media right now and can be easily replicated at home. You can dry flowers yourself just by tying them together and hanging them up for a couple of weeks or they can be purchased online. Dried flowers are low maintenance, eco-friendly, as they last longer than fresh flowers, and they do not contain plastic like faux flowers. They add beautiful, muted tones and interesting textures to a space. Wispy pampas grass, lavender and thistles are easy to style. Placed in an over-sized vase, dried flowers can also add volume and height to a room.


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