Spring is a season of new beginnings, clear blue skies and the fresh scent of flowers. Freshen up your home ready for the new season with these useful tips.

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Make a list

Break down tasks by making a list. Having a plan written down means you can clearly see what jobs need doing and allows you to tackle each chore without missing anything. It also helps to keep you from becoming overwhelmed with the tasks at hand.   

Start by listing each of the rooms in your home and break down the chores required for each of the rooms. You can then understand how to complete each job and what’s required to do so.

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Organise and declutter

An organised home makes for an organised mind. Studies show that having an untidy home can add to your stress levels. So, get decluttering! 

Organise your drawers and cabinets. You should make sure everything has its own place, so you won’t lose anything. If you need more space, consider purchasing storage containers.

Get rid of any items that you no longer need or use. This should be done responsibly by taking the items to a relevant recycling facility or giving them away to charity. 

Not only does organising your home help to clear your mind, but it will also help get rid of any lingering dust.

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Keep it green

When cleaning your home, it’s worth considering the impact it has on the environment. Exposing yourself to chemicals and toxins can be harmful to your health and the environment. Use eco-friendly cleaning products that include the relevant labelling. Alternatively, make your own cleaning products using natural ingredients. There are plenty of guides on how to make your own online. Another great alternative is to use a steam cleaner. This is the best green option as it only requires water and can be used to clean a variety of kitchen appliances, tiles, countertops, floors, bathrooms and even fabric.

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Bring help

Enlisting the help of members of the household gets the job done faster. Delegate jobs to others to ensure everyone is pitching in and cleaning their own area. Make it a game for youngsters and offer a reward as an incentive.

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Work from top to bottom

By cleaning from the ceiling down, any dust and debris will be knocked to the floor and prevent you from having to re-clean lower surfaces. Use a feather duster or the hose on your hoover to clean off dust on the ceiling, then work your way down to furniture and finally the floor.

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Give fabrics a refresh

Refresh fabrics by washing cushion covers, curtains and linens then hang them outside to air dry. If it is not possible to wash the fabric, use a vacuum to remove dirt and a hand-held steamer to easily and effectively freshen them up.

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Deep clean your washing machine

The washing machine can sometimes get overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Now is a great time to give it some TLC. Take out the detergent drawer and wash out any mould and residue. Clean out the drum and any filters. This will help to ensure your clothes are as fresh as possible after a wash and that your washing machine is working efficiently. 

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Clean kitchen appliances

Hoovering only removes a certain amount of dirt from your carpet. Use a carpet cleaner to give it a real deep clean. Professional carpet cleaners can be rented or you can make an investment and purchase one of your own. Follow the instructions for mixing the cleaning solution, rinsing and drying to ensure the best clean possible.

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Clean overlooked areas and surfaces

Give usually overlooked areas and surfaces a clean. Hoover under the sofa, bed and other furniture to remove any build-up of dust. Clean surfaces such as door frames, window frames, windowsills and even walls with a damp cloth. This will remove any bacteria, dirt and dust that may have built up over time.

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Don’t forget windows and glass

Give windows and other glass surfaces, such as shower screens, a streak free shine. Choose a cloudy day to wash windows, as bright sunshine will dry them too quickly and leave streaks. A solution of water and vinegar is a great way to clean glass and it does not contain any toxic chemicals.

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Safety inspections

Now is a good time to check any smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms and other alarm systems to ensure they are working properly. Check that all batteries are fully charged and clean off any dust to ensure it is working efficiently.

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