Spring will be here before we know it! Now is the time, in these quieter winter months, to plan, organise, maintain and clean your garden equipment, sheds, greenhouses etc. ready for the busy sowing and growing season ahead.

It may be cold outside, but this is the ideal time to check those fences, greenhouses, sheds, decking and paving areas to see if they need any TLC and maintenance. Checking your garden tools and equipment to make sure they are in good working order will help you further down the line, to prepare for the growing season ahead.


The garden fence is an important part of your garden adding style, privacy and security. Keeping fences in good condition will ensure that your garden stays secure whilst also offering protection against the effects of adverse weather. Check for any loose panels or splits and cracks in the wood. Either replace the offending panel or fix as necessary. Keep fences in good order by regularly painting with a wood preservative or wood stain. It may also help to keep any soils and debris away from the base of the fence.

Fence Maintenance

Greenhouses & Sheds

Greenhouses and sheds come in many shapes and sizes according to the needs of the gardener. Greenhouses need maintenance, and it is important to check on your greenhouse on a regular basis to ensure that it is providing the right conditions for your plants to flourish. The ideal time for greenhouse cleaning is just before spring as the greenhouse is likely to be at its emptiest at this time of year. Clean the outside of the greenhouse including the glass planes with warm water and a sponge. For a wooden greenhouse, it is advisable to check the frame and base for any problems that may require fixing. Check the whole structure for any mould or rot. Maintaining the interior of the green house, and making sure it is clean is an effective way of preventing pests. Washing surfaces, sweeping the floors and generally having a good tidy up will set you up for the spring sowing.

Garden shed maintenance is just as important. You will be storing store your important equipment, such as small garden tools, mowers. , leaf blowers. hedge cutter and the occasional bike! Check to make sure there are no signs of damp or algae on the outside. Clean it off if there is!! Clear the roof of any moss with a moss killer

Decking & Paving Areas

Decking is a great choice for a garden design as it gives you plenty of options of styles and colours. Maintaining decking areas in order to extend its lifespan is very important. Regular brushing with a stiff broom will keep the deck free from dead leaves, particularly at this time of year, Decking should really be treated every 1-2 years. Spring is the best time to oil your decking, but make sure there will be a couple of dry days around to do this. Paving areas and patios need a clean and lift now, to get the area ready for those family gatherings and barbeques in the spring and summer. As with decking, area good firm sweep to get rid of the build-up of dirt, dust and leaves that will have built up over the previous months. Generally, scrubbing the paving slabs with warm soapy water will help with the ingrained dirt and help to keep the paving slabs looking at their best. Both these areas can be jet washed, but make sure, before using this form of cleaning you are comfortable doing this. High pressure may not be suitable for certain types of paving slabs.

Paving Area

Garden Tools & Equipment

This is a great time to clean and service mowers and garden power tools so they are in good working order ready for the spring. Quality tools are designed to last many years, but they must be regularly maintained. Make sure all the soil has been removed from your digging tools before rinsing them off in a bucket of warm water using a stiff brush. Let them air dry or dry them off with a towel.

Generally, check your garden for any items you do not need and get rid of them! Clean and check your garden furniture, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that any children’s play equipment is structurally sound , cleaned and ready for use!

Garden Furniture
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