Floor Lights

A great way to add light to dark corners is by using floor lights. Our range of stylish and modern floor lighting create the perfect ambience. The lights also offer flexibility with their placement your home. The wide choice makes it easy to update the lighting in any room.

Our Tiffany-style Uplighters add a luminous elegance to any room. The classic stained glass design features colours and patterns that will suit your style and your home.

Tripod Lights add a contemporary look to your home. The iconic tripod shape with spotlight creates a unique, vintage statement in any room. With a chrome finish and contrasting coloured tripod, these lights have a striking design that it sure to impress.

Lighting can make such a difference to any room, and positioning floor lamps strategically around a room can completely change the mood of an environment. From traditional floor lamps to sleek modern tripods, floor lighting provides a practical alternative to harsh overhead light fixtures.