Luxury Rattan Outdoor Garden Furniture by Casamore

Come on in and see our amazing range Luxury Rattan Outdoor Garden Furniture.  Wander through our garden and admire our wide selection of Outdoor Ranges.  We stock the ever popular Casamoré furniture collection known for its high standards of quality. In short these ranges provide superb quality, great durability, excellent prices and all year round outdoor enjoyment.

We offer a broad choice of outdoor weatherproof Rattan weaves.  We feature a variety of colours and pattern finishes on our woven sets.  Furthermore, every collection has a unique aspect that makes it stand out from the rest.

Our exciting Casamoré Corfu Woodash collection has an exotic weave blend of dusty beige blended with smokey grey.  Alternatively the Casamoré Corfu in Natural weave looks and feels like authentic rattan.  Finally our Milan collection indulges the on trend flint grey look.

We are proud to offer you great quality at great prices!