Help nurture and conserve your local wildlife with our range of accessories specially designed just for that! From hedgehog houses to bird houses, we have items to help a variety of wild animals. A bird house or feeder placed in your garden is a great way to give birds a place to rest. The feeders provide food all year round and can be vital to a wild birds survival during the winter months. Bees are extremely important to the eco-system and the environment around us. They are vital to pollination and helping plants to create seeds. Give them an extra helping hand with a Solitary Bee Hive. It will provide them with a much needed and declining habitat. Provide a warm and safe place for hedgehogs to rest with our Igloo Wildlife Hedgehog House. The igloo is spacious and can accommodate family groups such as mother and hoglets. Nature is resilient but sometimes it can do with an extra helping hand. Our range of accessories are sure to do exactly that!