Furniture Care

Furniture care: We should never overlook the importance of furniture care. Our aim is for you to fully enjoy the furniture that you buy from us. To keep that ‘just bought’, fresh appearance is not hard if you follow a few simple guidelines. Follow the advice on furniture care and prevent problems occurring.

Home Furniture Care

Think of caring for your furniture as more of a deterrent to a potential problem rather than a cure all.  Here are just a few of our top tips on how to care for your furniture and keep it happy. Dusting is one of the first things we put off if we’ve only got time for a quick clean.  However, try to put a moment aside every couple of weeks to pay attention to those special pieces of furniture. This can really benefit them in the long run. Giving furniture a polish is a bit like giving your skin a cleanse and a touch of moisturiser…

It will remove unwanted marks that could inlay over time. A good polish will leave your furniture as sparkly and new as the day it arrived. Make sure you’re using a clean cloth and some non-silicon furniture polish for best results.

The use coasters and place-mats is a good habit to get into. A small drop of excess water on the bottom of your cup can cause an unsightly ring. The best way to prevent it is to provide coasters or place-mats to put under cups and plates. Similarly, hot pots and plates can be equally damaging. Always place a protective layer between the wooden surface and whatever you’re placing down.

When possible, try to avoid dragging your furniture where possible. If you need to move it, give it a lift. By doing this this you will save your floor and also help to prevent damaging your piece. Likewise, when vacuuming, make a concerted effort to respect the furniture as you go. Take a bit more time to avoid crashing into the bottom of your valued furniture pieces.

In a nutshell, try to remember the following:

  • Use a soft lint free cloth for dusting.
  • Never use solvent based cleaners or furniture polish. These chemicals will shorten the life of your furniture and are horrible for the environment.
  • For floor protection, use felt on heavy pieces that have rough bottoms that might scratch your furniture.
  • Clean up spills or messes immediately with a damp lint free cloth.
  • If you do get a water ring or scuff try buffing with a dry microfiber cloth.

Garden Furniture Care

Casamoré Poly Rattan garden furniture is made from a fully weatherproof pvc rattan. This all‐weather synthetic rattan is very versatile. This poly rattan tolerates high extremes of heat. It also resists UV light to ensure that the coloured rattan does not fade. It is light in weight, durable and low maintenance.  Any dust or dirt is easily washed off with water. The synthetic rattan is hand woven over an aluminium frame and is designed to live outdoors all year round.

Cleaning Your Poly Rattan garden furniture

When cleaning your rattan garden furniture set, first sweep your set with a small brush to remove light dust and dirt. Then use good old fashioned hot soapy water. Combine this with a little elbow grease and you should be able to clean the majority of garden dirt off your furniture.

You can use a normal cloth and rinse off by using a power or garden hose for ease. Alternatively rinse off the soap suds with a fresh bucket of water. The soap will easily come off as the rattan has many gaps for the water to escape through. The rattan will soon dry in the sun.  If preferred you could wipe the set over with a dry dish cloth to remove any excess liquid. Other than that, there is very little maintenance required. Pressure washers can be used, but only at a low setting.

It is widely known that poly rattan is both colour fast and rust resistant. This means it can live outside all year round. So now just sit back and relax!

Possible effects of heat on you Poly Rattan garden furniture

Imagine the sun light shining through glass, you soon realise that it can get rather hot on the rattan below. To reduce the effect, we use special toughened glass that does not magnify as much as normal glass. Nevertheless, there is an element of heat being applied to the rattan. This heat can sometime slacken the rattan a little and give the appearance that the rattan is sagging. Whilst the rattan is sagging a little, it soon returns to its normal shape when the sun hides behind clouds.

The best solution is to have your parasol up when the weather is very hot or when the sun is at its highest. It does not always happen, but it is better to be aware that it can, and that it is not permanent. Ultimately, it is normal to expect a degree of movement. It does not in any way affect the solid structure of the furniture.