Couples’ interior design – clash or compromise?

Decorating your home as part of a couple can either be a true test in compromise and negotiation or a frustratingly lonely endeavour, depending on the temperament of your partner.

Couples Interior Design
Couples Interior Design

While some men and women lack enthusiasm for getting involved with a home makeover, shudder at the thought of getting the paint brushes out or run at the first mention of rearranging the living room furniture, others are passionate about the way they want their living space to look and feel; so passionate that if both parties disagree then a Sunday morning spent at your local DIY store could wind up becoming an epic battle of wills.

Moving in with a partner is an exciting step forward in the relationship but it can be nerve-racking too. If you’re someone who likes your own space and has a distinct style, you’ll want to be sure that you can allow at least some of your personality to shine through within décor.

First thing’s first. Be sure to communicate. Whether you’re moving into a brand new pad together or moving in to his/hers, it’s smart to sit down and chat about what your preferred styles are. Having this discussion before you hit the shops or online stores could save a huge headache for the both of you further down the line.

But what to do if your styles clash? Well, there are two options. Either, you mix and match your styles within a room – even if the two don’t necessarily go together or you plan for different themes within different rooms.

If you choose the former option then you could actually end up with a distinct style all of your own – think floral patterns mixed with minimalist design or Star Wars memorabilia aligned with modernist artwork.

Ideally, when you decorate together you should be aiming to strike a balance between the feminine and the masculine. Of course, it’s all down to personal preference and you may prefer darker tones, while your partner may be more than happy to allow you to indulge in pinks and pastels. If it is a concern, try keeping the design of each room neutral while accenting with one or two carefully selected, and agreed upon, colours.

Couples Bedroom
Couples Bedroom

We love a good mood board here at The Home Furniture Store and we highly recommend that you and your other half get together and put some ideas down on paper, or alternatively use Pinterest to bring together your ideas. At this stage you can easily explain to one another what you do and don’t like about particular styles and reach a happy compromise.

Don’t rush to complete a new look for your shared home within weeks of moving in. Taking time over decoration will allow both of you to enjoy the process and give you both a chance to slowly warm to the other’s taste. Yes, his collection of anime artwork is out of keeping with your vintage French theme but perhaps you could learn to live with some added colour? After all, who you share your home with is ultimately more important than the possessions within it.

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