Interior design for small rooms – its child's play

Decorating for children can be tricky, especially when you’re short on space. There are, however; some clever, inexpensive tricks which can be used to maximise floor space and give the illusion of greater size to a ‘box room’.

Steal the show
Feature walls in children’s bedrooms are especially fun to design, as you can really think outside of the box. Try using chalk paint on the back wall of a child’s room to create the ultimate canvas for your young Picasso to scribble on. It’s one of the few circumstances under which drawing on the walls is permitted!

Girls bedroom finished in pink
Girls bedroom finished in pink

Feature walls work well in narrow rooms. An accent colour on the end wall can draw the eye and help to make the room feel more balanced.

Stack ‘em up
Shelving is always a good idea when maximising storage options. A child’s room is no exception and may actually offer you more opportunity to make shelving a focal point for the room. Rather than keeping shelving to a modest minimum, you could create a ‘ladder’ of shelves or use shelves with wide spacing to showcase some of your child’s favourite toys.

Lift off!
Recover floor space by raising a bed. From our humble experience, children really embrace beds with special features, such as a car design or a princess finish. While children are young, it’s the perfect solution for increasing room to play. Raised beds can even include storage when a frame is purchased.

Children really embrace beds with special features
Children really embrace beds with special features

Lighten the mood
Light colour palettes enlarge, while dark hues decrease size. While you may not fancy decking your toddler’s room out in all-white bedroom furniture (and we don’t blame you for that), using paler blues, greens and yellows will all help brighten a small room.

Maximising the amount of storage everyday items offer is also a great idea when decorating a cramped room. Functional yet stylish products, such as the Casamore Cotswold storage unit will work well within a child’s room while also suiting more adult décor as your son or daughter grows older.

Work it out
Finally, is there an awkward feature in the room restricting space? Don’t work around it, work with it. Sloping ceilings can be transformed into focal points using art work, while alcoves can be converted into storage areas with some careful planning. A small table or free-standing storage unit will work well in a tight spot.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to decorating for children. These are just a few. Now it’s over to you!

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