Rattan is the outdoor seating material of choice

If you’ve ever sat on a trendy metal bistro-style chair for more than an half an hour or so, you’ll know that comfort was not the highest priority for its designers. Woven chairs – whether they be cane, rattan or another type of open weave – are often the comfier choice, especially if they have soft cushions, and with modern materials offering weather resistance, recycling options and sophisticated style, there’s no better time to invest in some modern ‘rattan’ garden furniture.

Nowadays, we take ‘rattan’ to mean a woven material – typically used for outdoor seating and occasional tables. However, rattan is actually the name of the plant originally used in the weaving process.

‘Rattan’ comes from the Malay word rotan and encompasses around 600 species of palm of the tribe Calameae. The outer skin of the palm was stripped off to make a weaving material, while the ‘core’ of the palm featured in other areas of furniture making.

It proved a popular and timeless product.

Garden rattan furniture
Garden rattan furniture

However, ‘natural’ rattan has a tendency to rot and peel, so that sitting in an aging rattan chair can sometimes be precarious. Plus, rattan chairs and sheer hosiery do not mix – that’s for sure!

Modern, synthetic ‘rattan’ furniture is much more user-friendly and is supremely comfortable, while retaining the look and feel of the natural product.

The Casamore range of outdoor furniture comes in various colours and weaves, and is made of non-toxic synthetic materials, all of which are 100% recyclable and maintenance free. The rattan has high resistance to UV light and positively shrugs off rain, salt water, and chlorine. All furniture comes with a 12-month guarantee, but is hard wearing and should, with care, give many years of comfort and attractiveness.

For comfort and elegance in the garden, you can’t do better than investing in some top quality, rattan outdoor seating – and The Home Furniture Store’s selection ranges from the Capri two-seater Bistro set to seating for eight with chairs or corner sofa sets.

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