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View a List

Use this page to view your List. When Christmas time and Birthdays come around view your list and share your coveted favourites with friends and family.  Make it easy for your nearest and dearest to gift you your heart’s desire at The Home Furniture Store.

View a Friend’s List

You can let your friends see your list by giving them your password.  Likewise you can see a friend’s list and make sure that you give them the present they really want.

Don’t be disappointed

Never forget what inspired and captivated you at The Home Furniture Store. When browsing through the huge selection of Home and Garden furniture make sure you add your favourites to your list.

Be Organised

Divide your list into categories to help you keep track of the priorities on your list. Start a list with different section heading such as  Dining Room Furniture, Storage Cabinets and Garden Arbours.  Create a detailed list of items you are looking for under each of these headings.  List your favourites in order of priority.   Alternatively make a list based on most expensive first!

Tell your friends to go to The Home Furniture Store and Make their own Wish List of their favourite items!