Oak Furniture

Oak furniture wakens the spirit of country living in your home more than any other furniture material.  The solid wood and natural finish is one of Nature’s finest materials.  This is the perfect way to bring a natural beauty to your home. Whether you’re living in a country cottage or a city townhouse the presence of oak is always desirable.

Oak wood is exceedingly strong, heavy and durable. It is an attractive light colour with a prominent grain.  These are just two of the properties that make oak such a popular choice in furniture.  Thanks to its durable and hard-wearing properties, we use oak in our collections as a long lasting material.


Our Casamoré Farmhouse Collection bringing together timeless, traditional appeal, and modern practicality. We craft this attractive hard-wearing collection from solid Oak. Whether you want to bring the countryside feel to your home, or love the look of a classic finish on furniture, the Farmhouse collection offers it all.

We craft our Farmhouse Collection with solid oak frames making it a robust piece of furniture. Furthermore, we enhance the appearance with a clear oil finish.  This process brings out the natural light honey colour of the Oak. We skillfully craft our Farmhouse furniture with traditional dove tail joints.  This gives the Farmhouse range a classic  appeal with old fashioned values. Ultimately, this collection taps into the Oak furniture aesthetic completely whilst being practical and endlessly useful.