The trend towards outdoor living has been growing for decades. Today, we’re seeing new developments in how people use their gardens and patios. Here are some of the most popular trends.

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Colourful gardens

With a focus on mindfulness, we are seeing brighter colour palettes being used in the home and garden. There’s no denying that a garden full of colourful flowers elevates your mood and invokes a feeling of wellbeing. Colour is not just limited to plants and flowers, but can also be used for pots, décor and fabrics.

Colourful flower pots
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Backyard sanctuary

Having a place to unwind is wonderful for our mental health and wellbeing. Spending time in the garden can boost your mood and create a sense of calm. Make your garden your sanctuary when you want to relax. Add comfortable seating or a garden arbour. An arbour is perfect for planting climbing plants and flowers that will fill your senses with an irresistible aroma.

Garden arbour
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Sustainability and biodiversity have never been more important than now. With an increasing recognition of climate change, we all want to play our part in making a difference to the environment around us. Simple steps, such as choosing products made from sustainably sourced materials, plants that require little to no watering and using bio-based materials, can all help make any garden a more eco-friendly place.

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Back to nature

Following on from sustainability, we also have an increased awareness of the importance of wildlife and its impact on our environment. Creating a wildlife friendly garden is a great way to give our eco-system a boost. Add bee friendly plants and flowers to gardens, patios or even balconies. Swapping lawns for a meadow garden can also help pollinators of all kinds. It’s easy to do and requires little maintenance.

Hanging bird feeders and placing bird baths in your garden helps migrating birds to ensure they have enough energy to reach their nesting ground.

Not only does this help your local wildlife, but it will also bring joy to see animals taking sanctuary in your garden.

Bee in sunflower
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Drought friendly

In recent times, we have seen an increase in droughts and water shortages, which has made us more conscious of the amount of water we use. Choosing drought tolerant plants, such as cacti and succulents, helps to conserve water and will create an exotic look. Plants with grey-green leaves are usually drought-tolerant and naturally thrive in dryer conditions. Many of these plants also have colourful blooms, so there’s no need to sacrifice beauty.

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Modular design

Due to its versatility, modular design is becoming more popular in outdoor furniture. Modular garden furniture can be rearranged to change the configuration of the furniture and create different looks. This type of furniture is ideal for those with limited space, as it can be customised to fit your specific requirements. It’s also great for those who only want to use part of the furniture at any one time.

Miami Garden Furniture
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Bring the Mediterranean to your garden by surrounding it with terracotta colours. This warm, sun-baked shade evokes feeling of optimism and joy. The earthy-tones give a grounded look and work harmoniously as a backdrop for greenery. 

Terracotta Plant Pots
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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens aren’t just for summer anymore. They’re becoming more common year-round as homeowners seek ways to make their homes more comfortable and convenient. Outdoor kitchens expand your living space and create a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. It creates a great living space for entertaining and makes cooking easier.

Outdoor Kitchen
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Decorative Dividers

Decorative screens and dividers create an eye-catching focal point and add privacy to an outdoor space. Dividers with intricate metal work are a piece of art and can be used for climbing plants. A screen with a mirror can create the illusion of space in smaller gardens.

Decorative Screens
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Vertical Gardens

Living walls or green walls are becoming more popular. This space saving gardening solution is perfect for those with smaller gardens and will brighten up any wall or fence. Living wall systems can be purchased as kits and are easy to construct. They are great for creating a focal point and can be used as a screen to provide privacy.

Vertical gardening
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