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Protecting your rattan garden furniture all year round

Now that you have invested in a beautiful rattan garden furniture set, you will want to ensure its longevity by protecting it all year round. Find out how to provide protection from the elements, no matter what the season.

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Protection in the Winter

Rattan furniture is best stored inside during the winter, however, this is not always possible, as it takes up a lot of space. Instead, store the cushions in a warm, dry place and use a protective cover for the rest of the set. Choose a winter cover that includes ventilation, such as the Casamoré Outdoor Furniture Covers. This will prevent the build-up of mildew and mould. If it is a mild, dry day, you may consider taking the cover off to let the furniture air-out.

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Protection in the Spring

The weather in spring can vary greatly, with strong winds in March and rainy showers in April. During strong winds, ensure the furniture is weighted down to avoid any lighter pieces blowing across the garden and causing damage. Securely tie down protective covers to prevent it blowing away and exposing your furniture to the elements. Always take down parasols and lay them flat on the ground in a safe place. When not in use, it may be advisable to store your cushions indoors.

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Protection in the Summer

Summer is the time of year when you use your garden furniture the most. The warmer weather means it is usually safe to leave the furniture uncovered during the day. Polyrattan usually includes design features such as UV protection. This is to ensure the weave is not damaged during a hot summer’s day. The weave under the glass table top may sag slightly, however, this will not cause damage or effect its use.

Cushions can be left out during the day, however, darker fabric may be prone to fading in direct sunlight. Many fabrics now include a UV treatment that will prevent fading, but it is best to avoid leaving cushions in direct sunlight when not in use. If the night is dry and warm, cushion can potentially be left outside, but make sure you check the weather forecast beforehand to ensure your cushions do not get a soaking.

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Protection in the Autumn

As autumn approaches, you may use your outdoor furniture less and less. During the start of autumn, when the weather is still mild, your furniture will be mostly safe. Just ensure to wipe away any fallen leaves and debris to keep it in good condition. Cushions are best stored indoors or in an outdoor cushion box to avoid any sudden downpours. This will prevent the fabric and inner material getting soaked though and stop mildew or mould build-up. If you are unable to store them indoors, the cushions can be left on the set under a protective cover. Just be sure to remove the cover on warmer days to help ventilation. 

Corfu Woodash Cushion Box
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