Painted Furniture

Painted furniture is the perfect way to give your home a refresh. Choose from our many collections with finishes including shabby chic, cream and grey furniture. Or embrace the eclectic multi-coloured finish of our Camber collection.  Take a look at these fabulous painted furniture collections.







White Painted Furniture

White painted furniture gives a fresh and clean look to all of the rooms in a home.  The white finish on any unit has to be the most versatile of all furniture types. This type of furniture works well in either traditional or contemporary setting. It appeals to those who prefer a neutral or minimalist approach to their room settings.  These designs are on very much trend currently following a great love of New England home decorating styles.

At The Home Furniture Store we have a great range of painted furniture.  The range of tones help to bring light and an illusion of space to small or dark rooms. Complete the look by using sympathetic accessories such as patterned throws and cushions.

Therefore, in this way even the most neutral of rooms can be given a splash of colour while natural shades produce a rustic feel. And this is the reason white painted furniture is so popular – home makeovers are cheap and simple when the furniture is of a neutral colour, and it fits well into every possible colour scheme.