Shabby Chic Furniture

The Home Furniture Store embraces fully Shabby Chic French Style Vintage Furniture.

Originally Shabby chic is the popular style of furniture chosen for its appearance of age and wear and tear.   Nowadays, trends for this design of furniture produces freshly crafted furniture that has an artificially distressed finish.  In this way the treated furniture achieves the appearance of an antique piece.

So if you are looking for that statement piece to add that ‘WOW’ factor, look no further!

First and foremost, don’t you love the shabby chic look?  Embrace the genteel vintage style as it is one of the most popular trends ever.  Almost 20 years after hearing the descriptive phrase Shabby Chic, it is still as fashionable as ever.  It is an eclectic style that combines deliberately antiqued furniture with pastel colours.

Above all, if you love this soft and dreamlike look you have come to the right place.


Take a look at this wonderful white painted collection.  The Cotswold furniture forms part of the Casamoré Antiqued Painted Collection.  This will enhance your home with its fashionably distressed painted surfaces.  The collection also comes with gorgeous vintage cup handles.  One of the most popular features of the Cotswold collection is its attractive Lime Wash Top and Drawers


The Casamoré Devon Indoor Furniture range features the increasingly popular French inspired, shabby chic vintage look. Solid wood frames with a cream distressed finish have been used throughout the Devon Indoor Furniture Range.

Ultimately The Home Furniture Store can offer you a broad choice of vintage style furniture with lightly distressed surfaces.  We adorn our shabby chic furniture with antique style handles to finish the look.  The distressed finish on the furniture is just enough to enhance the appearance.  We craft the furniture with care and add lime washed tops to add extra appeal.  We offer soft cream or off white paint finishes to complete the look.