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Predictive Search

Use woocommerce predictive search to find products on The Home Furniture Store website. Quick and Easy searching for the exact piece of furniture on your radar. Go to the search bar and enter the name of the product.

Refine your Search

Choose from Home and Garden Furniture. Decide if you want outdoor dining or casual alfresco lounging

Search through the Outdoor Leisure section to find exactly what you are looking for.    Fine tune your hunt to locate the right kind of Firepit for you by choosing the finish material.

Scroll through the broad range of Storage furniture to find the precise match.  Select the storage baskets as your preference and then look through to see which is the best match.

Find the right lamp for you.  Look through our many varied lights and choose the one you want.  Or refine your search to include the material finish of your lamp.

When choosing the perfect vase for that room setting select whether you want glass or ceramic.  Select the type of clock you want.

Easy Search

Finding the product you want at The home Furniture Store is easy and fast. Using the Search option you can refine your quest to find the precise item you seek.